Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Distant fires flickered
In the depths of his soulful brown eyes
His passion mirrored in my fresh open face

A dragon fly droned in the distance
The wind murmured and sighed
The twilight bathed us in its warm scarlet glow

My heart missed a beat
And my breath got caught
When he cupped my face

I looked into his sexy Adonis face
His eyes heavy and hooded with lust
His lips parted, I inched closer....

Acute pain pulled me to reality roughly
I had been dreaming
And the bed bug had bitten me

I was lying next to "It", my husband
his pot belly quivering
his chubby face contorted as if in agony
his breath reeking of stale booze

I closed my eyes to recapture my dream
recapture my lover
recapture my kiss

When a clammy hand
Grabbed my thigh and caressed it
The owner snuggling closer

A sinister leer on his face
And hoarsely whispers
"Hey babie , come to Papa"


I remember the short rusty fence 
 Bordering the cream house with the funny lower orange 'windows' 
 Later on painted to a sea green hue
The concrete 'veranda' with the wooden pillars 
 A room that never came into being 
 Marigolds and roses heralding spring
I recall the wooden homely 'kitchen'  
A cheerful fire crackling in the black Dover stove  
On a freezing June day  
The wind hissing at the grey dreary sky
I remember our bedroom  
Always dark at night, never with a light bulb  
With the two old beds 'abreast' each other 
 The small antique wardrobe, 
 Bursting at the seams with our clothes
I recall our breakfasts our lunches and our dinners  
The ongoing chatter in the room 
 Competing with the banging pots and pans The 'black and white' television murmuring in the background.
I remember my friends  
My sisters, brothers and cousins  
And the games we played  
Pada, hopscotch but mainly hide and seek  
Cause i was usually the easiest to find 
 Looking down from the sturdy Mango tree
I remember my place of birth  
The small quiet town  
That nurtured and molded me
Names like Yellow City 
 Schools like Rasco, Ndera and Nagga 
 Places like Malwatte and 20 19
I remember this  
I remember all 
 I remember my childhood  
I remember myself

Monday, 29 August 2011

Are we or Are we not?

Are we or aren't we?
Do we or don't we?
It's better you tell me now
Coz I'm sick and tired of assuming.

Is it or isn't is so?
Do we or don't we?
Please come clean man
Coz I'm not really good at guessing.

Sometimes when I call you
You sound so distant and pre-occupied
And that wipes the smile off my face
And crushes the hope in my heart.

But when you come around
There is so much passion in your kisses
And so much tenderness in your touch
The distant fires in my heart are rekindled.

But then I'm tired of this yo-yo game
I need to hear from you
What' really happening.
Am I your woman,
Or I am that someone,
You run to when you feel freaky?

Tell me,
Are we or Aren't we?

My heart is mine

I brought down the walls
Erected around my heart
Allowed you a glimpse of it
Let you feel how soft it was
And how warm it could get
I was fragile,
And you got to know that too.

Under my nose
You wringed my heart dry
With your big mouth
You tore my heart asunder
With your snide remarks
You shredded my pride

I cried day and night
I wept my eyes and throat sore
Growing lean by day
Giving up on things that mattered
Hoping and praying
This was a nightmare
I was to wake up from soon

I went lower than low
Hurt beyond comprehension
But now I am done crying
Cause you don't deserve my tears.

My heart is healed, my pride restored
In hurting me, you strengthened me
I see you,
trying to smooth-talk your way into my life
trying to worm your way back into my heart

Sorry lover boy
Not this time
My heart is mine
and mine alone to keep
what's yours yours is your ego
And your rotten attitude
Which merely gets you nowhere.