Monday, 29 August 2011

Are we or Are we not?

Are we or aren't we?
Do we or don't we?
It's better you tell me now
Coz I'm sick and tired of assuming.

Is it or isn't is so?
Do we or don't we?
Please come clean man
Coz I'm not really good at guessing.

Sometimes when I call you
You sound so distant and pre-occupied
And that wipes the smile off my face
And crushes the hope in my heart.

But when you come around
There is so much passion in your kisses
And so much tenderness in your touch
The distant fires in my heart are rekindled.

But then I'm tired of this yo-yo game
I need to hear from you
What' really happening.
Am I your woman,
Or I am that someone,
You run to when you feel freaky?

Tell me,
Are we or Aren't we?

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