Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Distant fires flickered
In the depths of his soulful brown eyes
His passion mirrored in my fresh open face

A dragon fly droned in the distance
The wind murmured and sighed
The twilight bathed us in its warm scarlet glow

My heart missed a beat
And my breath got caught
When he cupped my face

I looked into his sexy Adonis face
His eyes heavy and hooded with lust
His lips parted, I inched closer....

Acute pain pulled me to reality roughly
I had been dreaming
And the bed bug had bitten me

I was lying next to "It", my husband
his pot belly quivering
his chubby face contorted as if in agony
his breath reeking of stale booze

I closed my eyes to recapture my dream
recapture my lover
recapture my kiss

When a clammy hand
Grabbed my thigh and caressed it
The owner snuggling closer

A sinister leer on his face
And hoarsely whispers
"Hey babie , come to Papa"

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