Monday, 29 August 2011

My heart is mine

I brought down the walls
Erected around my heart
Allowed you a glimpse of it
Let you feel how soft it was
And how warm it could get
I was fragile,
And you got to know that too.

Under my nose
You wringed my heart dry
With your big mouth
You tore my heart asunder
With your snide remarks
You shredded my pride

I cried day and night
I wept my eyes and throat sore
Growing lean by day
Giving up on things that mattered
Hoping and praying
This was a nightmare
I was to wake up from soon

I went lower than low
Hurt beyond comprehension
But now I am done crying
Cause you don't deserve my tears.

My heart is healed, my pride restored
In hurting me, you strengthened me
I see you,
trying to smooth-talk your way into my life
trying to worm your way back into my heart

Sorry lover boy
Not this time
My heart is mine
and mine alone to keep
what's yours yours is your ego
And your rotten attitude
Which merely gets you nowhere.

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