Monday, 22 April 2013

I'm lost!!!

The sun is all out
With its golden rays fingering the mountain tops
Blazing hot
But my soul is just cold
Shivering non-stop
And nothing can thaw the ice around it.

The room is full of people
Am actually drowning in the afternoon chatter
But my heart feels terribly lonely
I feel so removed from all the activity
And not even one voice can soothe me.

Loneliness knows me by name!!
Then the moon is all out
In its majestic splendor
Yet my spirit is so gloomy
Tripping and groping in the dark
For some kind of sanity.

The needle on the compass is pointing north
And I can see the horizon clearly
Yet my being feels lost
Being tugged hither and thither
Like mere driftwood.

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