Monday, 20 May 2013


Eyes are the entryway to the heart,
Where all feelings dwell.
The windows to one’s soul, 
Revealing all of chi’s secrets.

Eyes can glow, spark and smolder,
Tell their own tale without flinching.
They can watch, ogle and gaze,
Attract and seduce without blinking.

Eyes never lie,
Even when the lips do.
Eyes are never scared,
Even when the heart is….

Murky eyes,
Like turbulent waters,
Tell of a dark, twisted soul.

Crystal-clear frank eyes,
Like the vast azure skies,
Talk about a tranquil, beautiful inner being.



The supple cherry lace,

Bordering a sweet, sensual mouth.
Gates to passion,
Wired with intense nerves,
That go haywire when triggered.

Red lips,
Dark lips,
Full lips,
Thin lips,
Pouting lips,
Puckered lips.
They can lie,
They can declare,
They can swear.
They can kiss,
They can smile,
They can laugh.

The svelte cherry lace,
Entry way to ardor.