Sunday, 2 June 2013

Grave - Side Tears :'(

Dear Ma
It’s me again,
I have brought you your favorite flowers,
I bought these from Cece’s florist,
Couldn’t get any from our own flower garden
Cause all the flowers there have wilted,
The roses have lost their petals,
The chrysanthemums have lost their colour
Even the bees no longer buzz near the kitchen window.

Word is,
It’s so quiet here without you Ma,
So cold that the hot embers of the fire,
Can’t thaw the ice encasing my heart
And so lonely that even if a million people fill the house,
The loneliness can’t go away.

I’m so scared Ma,
Cause the world suddenly looms big in front of me,
And you aren’t there to hold my hand,
When I cross the busy streets of life.

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