Monday, 19 August 2013


If only my heart’s compartments,
Were as orderly as a library catalog,
With each emotion carefully stored away,
In the right box,
With tags neatly placed on the cubicles,
Giving space to sanity,
To roam freely in the life-giving organ.

But it seems everything has been jumbled up haphazardly,
Cords that had the heart connected to another,
Rudely severed,
They dangle precariously,
I trip on these cords,
And as I fall,
I cut my foot on the shards,
Of my shattered heart.
The acute pain is numbing,
So numbing,
My tears are frozen,
Hanging from the tear ducts like icicles!

Oh how I wish they would just fall,
How I wish my body would be raked by those huge violent sobs,
And erase these dark shadows engulfing me.

Just a sigh,
A gasp
And the crack in my voice when I try to talk
I lie down
And feel my heart, with all its crazy chaos,
Slowly dying
Giving up on me!

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