Monday, 21 October 2013

Do the math!

There were moments
Moments when I allowed people's opinions to define me
Moments when somebody's mean words towards me
Made me doubt myself.

I would falter
For they would have said I was inadequate.

I would move around in a daze
Like a husk of a being
Apologizing for things I would not have done
Doing penance for sins I did not commit
Doing time for crimes I had nothing to do with.

He said I was a nut case at one time
And it riled me up!
He said I was insure another time
And I went ballistic!

Saying spiteful words
Goading me to react
So he would call me a nut case again.

Now as I sit and look back
I realize that it ain't me who had a problem
But he who spewed out the mean words.

Belittling others
To feed his own ego,
Making others feel insecure
To compensate for his own low self esteem.

I ain't all those 'things' you said I was,
Funny thing is you were actually defining yourself there
With those words you thought were meant for me.

I ain't mad at you no more
Cause you are pointing at me with one finger
But the remaining four are pointing right back at you,
Do the math!!

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