Monday, 28 October 2013

The 'Meeting'

I wore a fake smile
Way too bright for my liking
Way too sweet, really cloying

But I did not care
I could not let him see,
Let him see how miffed I was.

Walked up to him with a purposeful stride,
Very calm on the outside,
A crumbling mess within,
Stood in-front of him,
Raised my eye a bit and saw that his jaw was set,
The face was set in stone.

Something radiated from his frame,
It was so strong,
But I could not put my finger on it,

Was it anger?
                Was it loathing?
                                Was it frustration?

Whatever it was,
It was damn cold!

Couldn’t find my voice,
My tongue was glued to my palate,
My throat felt parched.

One thing I avoided, was meeting his gaze,
I did not want him to see the murky swirling waters of turmoil within my soul,
I did not want him to see the shards of my broken heart,
The very shards I have been frantically trying to piece back together.
I did not want him to see the dark venomous anger,
I was fighting so hard to suppress.

I did not want to see the emptiness in his eyes,
I did not want to meet a cold blank stare,
I did not want to see the scorn in his soul
So I stared blindly at the horizon,
Grabbed what was mine from his hands,
Turned on my heel ,
And left!

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