Saturday, 19 October 2013

What A Life!

He played my body like a violin
Took my senses to greater heights
And allowed me to soar
Such passion!

He told me all the beautiful words I wanted to hear
Took my head to the clouds
And allowed me to dream
Such gaiety!

He would make me smile,
Make me blush
Make me giggle
Make me purr
Make me moan
Such ecstasy!

Made a portmanteau with our names
I had a band of beads on my wrist
Spelling out his name
He had a band of beads on his wrist
Spelling out my name
Such love!

In my mind's eye he was my soul mate
In my heart he was my knight in shining armor
In my soul he was my Romeo
Such folly!

Turned out all those sweets words
All those beautiful magical moments
Those 'sincere' heart to heart exchanges
Were just but a charade
What betrayal!

What an experience!
         What an ordeal!
                  What a life!