Monday, 23 December 2013

Bliss is...

Bliss is...
Waking up to the aroma of coffee,
The beautiful innocent laughter of a child,
Tangled bed covers and strewn lingerie,
The mellifluous music of a gay skylark,
Azure skies and golden sun rays,
That bear hug where you do not want to let one go,
The sweet smell of the English Primrose on a balmy night,
Walking down the aisle towards your Prince Charming,
Dark chocolate melting on your tongue,
Taking control of the dance floor and dancing the night away,
Reading fairy tales and getting lost in the mystery,
Bliss is all this and more.


Melancholy is ...
that phone call which never comes,
A thousand trips to the letter box for that letter that won't come,
Scowling gray skies,
Biting cold winter nights,
A dirge, hearse and a graveside wreath,
A lone dog mournfully howling in the distance,
Being put to sleep by hot saline tears,
Unrequited love,
White cold and sterile hospital walls,
That smile which doesn't reach the eyes,
Melancholy is all these and a whole lot more.

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