Monday, 23 December 2013


So yesterday I ran into a lovey dove pair,
Holding hands and giggling like teenagers,
Oh yeah,they were in love,
Hook line and sinker.

At one time,
I could have been jealous,
I could have wanted to experience the ecstasy they had,
I could have yearned for someone to come hold my hand too,
To whisper into my ears and make me blush,
I could have yearned for a kiss,
A caress,
Some cuddling,
All that heavy breathing and more.

But I didn't,
I had this plain cold indifference which was all new to me,
And a sadness which felt pretty bottomless,
All these things I thought I missed,
I was surprised to realize I actually did not.

Reached for my pulse to check if I was still alive,
Good Lord yes, I was alive,
My heart was slamming against my rib cage,
All it was doing was pumping blood,
No pitter-patter and going all mushy over 'love'.

Even gooey soppy films,books and texts,
Have all of a sudden become a no no,
Felt love was just damn overrated,
Wearing your heart on the sleeve for daws to peck at,
To trust some jackass with your heart,
So they could rip it out and tear your dreams asunder.

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