Thursday, 12 December 2013

Our Minds

I met  him,
And immediately  fell for his mind,
Quietly sat in a corner,
Yeah, he had the looks and a pretty fancy accent,
But it was the mind that got my attention.

Listened to him once, twice, then I joined in,
He must have felt the same way,
For from the moment I spoke,
I felt him zooming in on me,
Dude was falling for my mind too.

We shut out everybody in the room,
And put our minds to play,
Pushing and pulling,
Testing our limits,
Then going past them.

We talked about Bach,
About Mozart,
About Chopin,
Da Vinci, Socrates and Aristotle.

Delved into Shakespeare, Chaucer and Tolstoy,
Into Emecheta and Achebe,
And into Yeats and Keats.
He made me smile, blush and feel a tad hot under the collar,
Made me cross and uncross then cross my legs again,
Met his gaze and held it,
Saw the distant flames flickering in the depths of his eyes,
Peered at him from underneath my lashes,
Knowing the effect I was having on him,
And liking it.

Eons later, he spoke...again
In low guttural tones,
Heavy with pent up ‘whatever-it-was-he-was-feeling’,
And I loved what he said J

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