Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Touch...me ...here

Your scent is heady,
It’s intoxicating me,
You said the name of your cologne is Eros?
How apt!

Touch me here,
Touch there,
Ah! And here, and here…and…
Kiss me here,
Lemme kiss you back,
Let my tongue chase yours,

Look at me,
Yass, that’s lust there swirling in them eyes,
Yeah, I see the flames leaping,
Why you biting your lip now,
Lemme bite it for you!

That smile,
Yes, that sexy, sexy smile,
I see the dimple too,
Lemme cup that face,
And feel the stubble,
Now I wanna nuzzle.

Push my skirts up a bit,
And a little bit more,
See, I’m showing some leg,
No, I don’t care who sees us,
I only got eyes for you here.

Hold me closer, you sexy thaang,
Yeah , like that,
Lemme listen to your heart slam against the chest walls,
I can tell from your rugged breathing,
That the passion has turned your insides into molten fire.

Release it,
Let it burn us,
Consume us,
Allow us to soar,
And soar,
Go closer to the sun like Icarus
Then when we crash back onto the earth,
We land into each other’s embrace.