Friday, 2 May 2014


After reading Haziey's post on Tracy Chapman, something in me stirred, the words talked to my heart;it was like she took my thoughts and put them on paper...I could relate.

I went to my play list and selected Tracy's music, listening to one song after another, and re-reading Haziey's post, savoring the words,sinking into the emotions they evoked.

One great song led to another till I found myself listening to Daughtry...Well, now we come to the crux of the matter!
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DAUGHTRY, this American rock band formed and fronted by Chris Daughtry, a finalist of the fifth edition of American Idols. I love Daughtry's music....Chris Daughtry's voice coupled with his Vin Diesel typpa bald head and looks! Yeah!

Well I wasn't aware of this phenomenal group and their crazy crazy tunes till 2011-nish. Yeah yeah yeah *rolls eyes*. My then lover introduced me to Daughtry in the form of the song September from the album Leave This Town

This became Our Song! September! We listened to it over and over again! Abused it so...

As our love for Daughtry  grew, we started listening to more songs by them...Tennessee Line, Life After You, Call Your Name, Learn my Lesson and more.

Thing is, I can listen to Daughtry anytime, in any mood and still get moved by the music. 

Some songs make you shed a tear, some make you smile, some make you feel like you are totally invincible!

There is this beautiful song....The Start of Something Good off the album Break The Spell, my my my! Now the video is equally beautiful...with Chris and that his bald head (yeah that) and his guitar, sitting on the hood of that vintage automobile...

Hoo Fadha! Why can't I get somebody to sing their soul out like that for me...serenading me under my window like they do in movies and fairy tales....ok ok, I will stop!

The video gets me all mushy and shit, makes me think of lying down in the grass with my significant other, under the azure sky, let the world and all the bad painful things go past us, soaking in the ambiance of our love.

Some people say this genre is for white folk...I say FOH, this is my genre, I LOVE ROCK, Daughtry to be specific. 

This human who introduced me to the awesome sounds of Chris Daughtry, we are nolonger together... But we still talk. He might after a loooong time just send a text saying, I'm listening to September or The Start Of Something Good and it would be enough,enough, not to make me miss him but to remind me of the crazy beautiful times we had and appreciate life more.

Now, I don't have a favourite Daughtry song, asking me to choose would be asking me to well *inserts some intelligent statement here* . In lower elementary school maths we would say, IT CAN'T.

I listen to Traitor when I feel betrayed and trying to calm my nerves...I listen to Learn my Lesson when a lover does me wrong...the song being a way of indirectly telling myself 'I told you so.'

Life After You...well this song is major (I would probably say so about...errrr...all Daughtry songs) also reminds me of this girl, a kindred spirit whose love for the Rock band probably matches mine....I listen to it and find myself missing her *shed a thug tear*.

I would go on and on, but I'm freezing my ass out here, as I found the doors locked at home and am sitting on the door step like some hobo.

Lemme play a little bit of music....well the song that comes out tops is Broken Arrows by Daughtry....

"And I'm tired of taking my aim
When I keep on missing
There's gotta be a better way

There's gotta be a better way........

So baby hold on
But I'm shooting with broken arrows

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