Sunday, 4 May 2014

My... errrrm...right

So yesterday, while still reeling from the eargasmic performance by the Burkinabe-Zim outfit,  Sowe, which had performed in the Coca-Cola Green, there was an announcement which caught my attention.

There was an on-going  'promo' where one would give 'One 
 square centimeter' of their skin for Human rights in the form of getting inked. 

The flyer read  'To create awareness for Human rights, we are going to tattoo the Universal Declaration of Human rights, all 6773 letters of it, on 6773 individuals worldwide.'

Now, I'm not a human rights lawyer or one of those actively involved in NGOs pushing such and such agendas for ’human rights'.

But I'm human, and I have rights, yes, including the right to get inked.

See, I have always wanted to get inked but a couple of things held me back. ..I didn't know if I could stand the pain, I didn't know where to find a proper tattoo artist who wouldn't mess me up...and well, opinions of the society.

So I told this lady excitedly, that I was gonna get inked, then she got into this whole lecture of how my body was a temple and shouldn't be desecrated. FOH, what desecration? !!

And this coming from someone who had been imbibing the wise waters of Pilsner, huh  *I sniggered*  what worse desecration than that? ! I see she  had her judgmental pants all hoicked up to the armpits…SMH.

And she goes on yapping about how we shouldn't disobey God by adding foreign irrems on our bodies. *and she is staring hard at my nose stud*.

I kept myself in check, for I was about to roll my eyes at her.

She is rocking a weave, nail polish aaaand has earrings for God's sake, yet she is sitting there giving me an earful about foreign irrems what what...the damn irony.

The retort at the tip of my tongue is 'Guuuurl' *in Madea's voice. 'Were you born with that hideous synthetic weave on? '

So people quoting this ‘don't decorate the temple and yada yada what not’, listen, yes my body is a temple, and I shall decorate it.

Literal sense for some of us….you have been in temples, chapels, cathedrals and what have you? Aren’t they decorated with murals, frescoes, tinted windows and more? And then?

Live a little, if you can't, let others live, to get inked, byeeee :)

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