Thursday, 1 May 2014

Of Adonis and more...

Caught staring once,
Or twice,
No reprimand,
Instead I'm rewarded with a sexy dreamy smile,
Which made my insides melt and quiver. 

Limbs deliciously sore, 
Throbbing from the very core,
I stare and wonder how this yummy Adonis got into my bed,
Boy is such a fiiine human,
I run my hands across his chest to make sure he is real,

Without opening his eyes,
He sighed, shifted and put an arm around me,
I arched my back,
Put my head on his chest,
And listened to his heart-rate slow down to normal again.

In my bliss, I drifted off to sleep, a smile playing on my lips.

Hours later, woke up,
In the dark, cold and alone in bed,
Except for a hurriedly scribbled note,
Stating that he did not want to disturb me from my  'beautiful' slumber,
No  'I love you'
No  'You were awesome in bed'
No talk of when I would see him again.

Pulled the covers to my chin,
Fighting back tears,
Anger and shame welling up,
Memories of that afternoon's encounter crushing me.

Just then the door burst open,
And in strode  Adonis,
Carrying a shopping bag full of garlic rolls,
French sticks,
And more.

Relief surged through me,
I stretched out,
And purred contentedly,
Prompting him to drop everything and come towards me in purposeful strides,
A smile on his lips,
And that hot hot look in his eyes!

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