Sunday, 15 June 2014 is a beautiful act ain't it?

Sex is a beautiful act ain't it?
Oh so magical connection of bodies and souls....

Then would you find it weird if somebody said they hate sex?

You know when your partner abuses you,
And in some cases, physically,
How would you react when he gets into bed and tries to be intimate?
You would cringe,
Or I would.

Melancholy by Natalia Tejera

You don't want him near you,
His presence is suffocating you,
Smothering you,
Drowning you,
But you can't fight him off,
If you try you might just get a slap across the face,
Or a pinch on the inner part of your thighs.

So you spread them legs,
Let him have his way with you,
Groaning and grunting as he happily pumps away,
With each stroke,
Your soul winces,
With each stroke,
You die a little inside.

You lie there,
Eyes glazed,
Like a rag doll,
Not allowing yourself to feel anything.

He tries to take your hand,
And have you hold onto him,
But your limp arm falls away.
He doesn't stop though.

Once he is done with you,
He rolls over to his side of the bed,
To fall asleep or for a cigarette,

You feel beyond filthy, numb, a husk of a being.
You just can't wait to get into the shower,
Scrub yourself raw,
Allowing the hot saline tears you had been holding back to break the dam wall!

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