Friday, 4 July 2014

I just couldn’t live without… (Day 4)

The  great Bard of Avon said “To weep is to make less the depth of grief.” and in Les Miserables, Victor Hugo said “Those who do not weep, do not see."

 I just couldn't live without… my tears.

I have shed tears of joy...I have shed tears of anguish. I have shed tears. I have had my heart ripped apart and only through  crying have I started the process of grieving....  I have had beautiful moments in breath-taking and beautiful, that I found tears rolling  down my gaiety.

I cannot live without my tears... I lose  some and the body has some stored up for me, for those moments when I need pain and in joy.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

One of my biggest fears (day3)

I would have said I am afraid of the dark, spiders, heights, large water bodies. I was afraid of all these at one time, very afraid..then I learnt to sleep with the lights off, I cleaned-off cob webs and spiders  from a disused room, made trips  with  aero-planes a couple of times and fooled around in the water at the beach  a couple of times. I realised, I had met my fears head-on and conquered them.

I have lost loved ones... four of them in the past three years. This left me broken. Again I would say I fear  death. Well I came very close to it  when I got mugged... very very close to slipping away.But I survived.

I lost my father when I was very young...I do not even remember what his voice sounded like..or how he walked... his scent. Nothing. Nothing at all.

But for these  four people I lost....I had known them for over a decade,  shared very special moments with them. I know how they talked, how they walked, their scents. Everything.

My biggest fear  would be to let these memories  slip. I lost them  to death and the only way I can keep them  closer to my heart would be  to keep the memories  alive.

I do not want to  forget how they smiled. I  do not want to to have their images  become blurred, I do not want their  voices to become lost in the winds.

For forgetting how they laughed  and how they cried , how they ran and how they walked , how they sat and how they stood and how ....Lord everything.... would be to lose them forever. 

And that is my greatest fear.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

My 5 favourite words in English (or any language) :)

My five favourite words.... well I love words and I have tonnes of them swirling in my head...choosing five is a mission...but I have to.

Lately I have fallen in love with the Korean language and so my favourite words are going to be Korean:

1.Sarang (Love)
2.Yobo (Dear/ Honey)
3.Komawo (Thanks)
4. Bianeyo (I am sorry)
5. Kenchana (It's alright)