Monday, 25 August 2014

I write!

I write 
To cleanse my soul
To spread my wings and take a journey into my inner self
to mend my broken heart
To dry my tears,
To get over my anguish,
And celebrate my triumphs.

I write
To cleanse people's souls,
Take them on a journey into my inner self,
Thereby mending their broken hearts,
Drying their tears,
Help them get over their grief,
And celebrate their triumphs.

I write to heal,
I write to survive,
I write to breathe,
I write to live,


The mottled moon throws an eerie glow on the trees,
Where an owl hoots,once...twice,
The wind howls as if possessed,
Somebody in the distance wails like a banshee.

Groping in the dark
He knocks over the standing candelabra,
The light goes out immediately,
Pitch-black emptiness.

Snuffed out just like that.
Morning now, then gone.
Dark.  Cruel. 

The weeping willows...sigh,
Bowing down,
Burdened by the grief,
To the point of breaking.

Snatched away just like that, now, then gone.
Dark. Cold.