Sunday, 15 February 2015

the 15th

Have you ever had a fantasy,
Then have reality come out better than your wild imaginations?

Don't know if Juliet felt like this with Romeo,

Don't know if Rhett's kisses made Scarlett O'Hara this intoxicated.

Everything  felt so normal,

                  felt so perfect,
                       so beautiful,


Both beautifully intertwined,
Heady kisses,
Bodies pressed together.

The softest lips,

With a hint of liquor there,
Claiming my lips,
And mine hungrily claiming them,
The more we kissed,
The more I wanted to kiss,
Breaking for air,
Smiling in between kisses.

Felt the steel under my touch,

When I spread my hands on his chest,
Feeling his heart slam against the chest walls.

Had to go...

Didn't wanna go....
Had to go...
Yet we still clung to each other,
One last time,
One more,
The lips are saying no,
Claiming each other...

Gotta leave.....

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