Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Book 6: A book a friend recommended

A poignant, heartrendingly beautiful story about magnificent loss, great love and the strength to pull through. If I Stay by Gayle Forman is one compellingly gripping book, recommended by my friend @Ruee_kayy_, one I could not put down, one that made me shed tears as I read it.

A tale of Mia Hall, a 17 year old cello player based in Oregon,who, in the split of a second lost her mother, father and younger brother in a road accident that left her battling for her life. 

She had lost all, and her grandfather and rocker-boyfriend Adam told her that they understood if she gave up on life, they could not reverse what had happened but were willing to be there for her all the way.

Tear-jerking, evocative. This book will make you realize how fragile life is , how our loved ones can be here this second and be gone the next. It also reminds one of the power of love… when you are about to give up all yet you have a loved one to pin all your hopes and love onto.

As they say, Read it and weep.

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