Monday, 1 June 2015


You touch my soul with your words,
Caress it with your smile,
You say my name with your eyes,
Your skin hoarsely whispers ‘Come close’
My pride, feline as it is, on all fours,
Paws padding on the bed-linen, gracefully moves closer.

As you place your heart as a pendant on a silver chain around my neck,
I can feel your hands on all the places you are not touching,
The cold from the silver chain coupled with the heat from your breath,
Your nearness,
Your scent,
Get me all heady,
My heart starts beating from a different ‘core’. Throbbing.

Kiss my essence, leave your lip-marks on my brain,
Them booty rubs and grabs,
When we dust them groceries for fingerprints,
We will see how well you have marked your territory.

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