Wednesday, 29 July 2015

soul so numb.

my soul so cold.
tears hanging as icicles from the ducts.
salty icicles.

    My heart, a captive bird,
    Flapping it's wings wildly,
     I can feel it slowly breaking,
      The shards  are dropping to the pit of my stomach,
       What eerie echoes the shards make,
        What haunting echoes,
the echoes sound like my soul gasping for air.

I'm scared.

  Lord I cannot breathe.
            I cannot see.
the salt in my tears is stinging.
the more I try to blink away the tears, the faster they are falling.

on to my writing pad....blotting out these letters I'm feverishly scribbling.

I cannot breathe.
I do not want to be here.
I want mum.
   I wanna put my head in her lap,
allow my tears to roll down without shame,
blow my nose and make the ugly crying face, and CRY.

Yet I do not want to upset mum. I can't.

Red lights, screams in my head.
my soul so numb.
my soul so cold.
My Soul So Cold.