Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Oh So

He has lightened up my path through out the year.
When I went down and under,
He was there to take me up by hand,
At times when I would have found myself curled up in a ball on the bathroom floor at two am,
Like previous times.

I love him.
More than I can comprehend.
I remember the time I told him that I did.
I couldn't hold it in nomore.
I tried to swallow the words,
But they clawed their way out
"I love you" they flew out like birds outta the cage.
It was done.

He held the staircase for me to go up,
Up till I reached the white lights.
Urged me on till I went over the brink,
But I didn't fall as I feared,
I flew,
And soared.
And landed in his arms.
A delicious soreness spreading all over my body.

He has taught me things.
He has done to my body, things
He has done to my senses, things
He has allowed me to experience things.
Things so beautiful.
Things so amazing .
Things so delicious.
My Oh So.

The staring contest.
I lost.
I was lost in the maze in his gaze,
Which showed paths that led to his soul.
I was not ready.
But I was gone.
The kisses that followed.
Surprisingly soft lips.
I could feel him smiling.
The smile and the kiss tasted like that golden sunshine, with a dash of honey.
It made my knees weak and heart beat from between my thighs.

We were lost. In each other's arms.
Kisses becoming more passionate.
I felt like clawing out of my skin,
And crawling into his.
To have his soul and mine meet,
They did. Over time.
Collided. Created beautiful white lights no pyrotechnician has ever made.

 We get lost, watching the diamond like stars strewn all over the beautiful dark skies ,
I'm lucky I'm able to watch stars even during the day,
I watch my star,
Alpha Centauri, shine.

His mind is a crazy, beautiful place.
Y'all heard his voice when he raps?
Sexy. When he talks to me in that voice, I become undone.

So sincere. I swear sometimes he ain't real.
Hands so soft but can spank all gasps out of my being.
And firmly get all handled.

I can be silly with him.
Goof around and have a genuine laugh.
We can be serious together and plan ways out of hard situations.
He is my caretaker.
So thoughtful,
When I get drunk stupid,
I wake up to a bottle of water next to me, courtesy of him.

Plus. Mama likes him. She does.