Thursday, 3 March 2016

Book 3: The first book you see in a bookstore – So Yesterday by Scott Westerfeld

So I did not see this book in a book store, but I stumbled upon it in my soft copies novels library.

 I do not know what drew me to it, but I found myself ‘eating’ greedily through the pages immediately after finishing my second book.

So Yesterday. A book about the latest fashion, cool hunting and chasing trends. I found it a little ‘silly’ or kinda shallow but the funny thing is, I could not put it down. Has the appeal of pink gum, it does not satisfy your hunger but you keep chewing, savoring that saccharine, chewing and swallowing, but no filling.

 The protagonist is a young ‘cool hunter’ named Hunter, son of an epidemiologist and a perfume designer. He gets paid for cool hunting with pairs of shoes and a single day in his cool hunting life, he meets Jen, an ‘innovator’ whose shoelaces catch hunter’s eye from the on start.

 Hunter and Jen, throughout the book are set out to solve a suspected ‘kidnapping mystery. Here the book has a shadow of a thriller, the danger Hunter and Jen get into as they tried to fund the missing woman.

May be I identified with Hunter because of his love for shoes. I love shoes and I collect and hoard them, they seem to call out to me the same way the bootleg shoes called out to Hunter and Jen forcing Jen to go through the pile of burning shoes to retrieve the untouched one.

 I would give this book a 4 out of 10, felt really tepid to the palate though I learnt one or two (or slightly more) from it. Would recommend it to primary school children, if we censor the kissing scenes (very few though).

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