Thursday, 3 March 2016

Book 4: A book and its prequel – If you deceive – Kresley Cole

The third MacCarrick Brothers book, after If You Desire. 

Book about sex, vengeance, more sex, blood, love, love, lust, forgiveness, love and a happily ever after.

Ethan MacCarrick, the Earl of Kavanagh, so handsome and reckless, until he is caught in bed with the wife of a nobleman. Though Ethan had not tupped this faithless woman (Sylvie Van Rowen) she cried rape to save herself from her husband and to settle scores with MacCarrick who had refused to bed her. The powerful nobleman ordered his thugs Ethan to brutally beat Ethan and to scar his face.

Ethan manages to get his revenge from the Van Rowens and everything seemed to be on track, till on a fateful night, he met a girl at the masquerade, whom her maidenhood he took away.
Ethan surprised himself by falling in love with this girl, the destitute Madeline; daughter of the Van Rowens, his sworn enemies.

Through their fights, their  ‘love making’, Maddy finding out the truth about Ethan and her mother, cholera epidemic in France, which almost claimed Maddy’s life, losing her baby and meeting Fiona, Ethan’s mother, the book ends in a fairytale-like happily ever after, with their bairnes all around them.

I enjoyed this book, Ethan’s Scottish ‘accent’ and his lapse into Gaelic swears and curses, Maddy’s French lilts, their kisses, their love-making, their fights, their sacrifices for each other. *sigh, I’m such a hopeless romantic*

Yeah, I recommend this one to fellow romantics. I would give this one a six out of ten.

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